Monday, 2 March 2015

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Centrifuge in india


Centrifuge: Centrifuge
The apparatus consist of a small split cylinder of spring brass or other non-corrodible metal of 0.5 mm thickness forming a mould 30 mm internal diameter and 30 mm high. On either side of the split, two indicators are brazed suitably with pointed ends made of 2 mm diameter brass wire in such a way that the distance of these ends to the centre of the cylinder is 165 mm. The split cylinder will be kept between two glass plates.
Water Bath For Centrifuge Test
Water bath capable of containing immersed Centrifuge with specimens and of raising their temperature from 27′ deg _+ 2′deg C to boiling in 27 +/- 3 minutes.
Made of double walled, Outer made of CRC Sheet – powder coated or stainless steel and inside made of stainless steel. Gap between the wall filled by glass wool to avoid heat losses. Temperature is controlled by sensitive thermostat and temp. read on Glass Thermometer or DIGITAL Temp. Indicator cum controller with timer programmed to achieve boiling temp. in prescribed time. The bath is suitable to accommodate six moulds at a time. Complete with stand to hold Centrifuge in prescribed method. Complete with three core wire and 15 Amp. Three pin top,
Popular Science Apparatus is called one of the renowned Centrifuge which is getting supply in indi

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